Station fire

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The latest twist in the never-ending 38  Studios soap opera is the joust over grand jury secrecy.  RIPR political analyst Scott MacKay says this spat is more about politics than legal precedent.

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12 years ago today, 100 people died, and hundreds more were injured in a fire at the Station nightclub in West Warwick. The fire made national headlines as one of the worst nightclub fires in U.S. history.  Survivors are still working to build a public memorial, and living with the scars from that night.

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Pablo Rodriguez joins the panel this week as we discuss the 10th anniversary of the Station fire disaster; why Rhode Island's Democratic congressman are helping independent Governor Lincoln Chafee stage a DC fundraiser; whether it's appropriate for Treasurer Gina Raimondo to hire a campaign operative as her chief of staff; and the local impact of the latest federal budget showdown.