The redesign is part of a city-wide re-branding effort, which included a new city logo. The logo features a wheel with cogs in a nod to the city’s industrial past, and the tagline “join the evolution.”

City spokesman Rico Vota called it a big improvement over the former website.

“It was a little clumsy, it wasn’t quite user-friendly,” said Vota. “It certainly wasn’t mobile friendly. It was a little bit dated as far as layout. So it was time for an upgrade for sure.”

Vota said city officials also hope the new website will help spur economic development.

The big news in computing this week is Heartbleed, a serious security problem with secure websites.   Specifically, it's a two-year-old bug in the near-ubitiquous OpenSSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol...most commonly recognized when there's a "https" (instead of "http") at the beginning of a website address.

It's a big problem, and I'll explain why in a second, but first I wanted to let everyone know that the RIPR donations website is secure and never was vulnerable to Heartbleed.   They use a hardware-based implementation of SSL, not OpenSSL.

So if you have donated or plan to donate to RIPR, you have nothing to worry about in regards to Heartbleed and that donation.  Whew!