wet wipes

4:00 am
Sun January 19, 2014

Flushable Wipes Problematic For Rhode Island Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wet wipes marketed as "flushable" are not designed to break down as quickly as regular toilet paper breaks down. Instead, the wipes create expensive clogs and blockages when they bind with oils that are poured down drains.
Credit Courtesy of Warwick Sewer Authority

Those wet wipes marketed as “flushable” are causing major costly problems for sewer systems across Rhode Island.

Managers at wastewater treatment facilities say just because the wipes are flushable doesn’t mean that they break down as easily and quickly as regular toilet paper. Instead they clog pump stations and sewer pipes, forcing treatment plants to spend time and money unclogging their systems.

Warwick Sewer Authority Superintendent Janine Burke says removing those wet wipe clogs takes man power, up to three employees at her facility.

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