One Square Mile: Johnston

Credit Elisabeth Harrison

Beginning Monday January 30th, RIPR brings you "One Square Mile: Johnston," a week of stories about the northern Rhode Island town that flipped the most dramatically from blue to red in the presidential election.

We'll explore the town's politics, learn how to make a true Italian-American meatball and visit some little-known spots that reveal Johnston’s history.

We’ll also report on the state’s largest trash and recycling facility, and Johnston farmers, as they work to keep the town’s agricultural traditions alive. Those stories and much more as we continue Rhode Island Public Radio’s commitment to in-depth local reporting through our recurring series "One Square Mile."

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Elisabeth Harrison / RIPR

Monday we renew a tradition at Rhode Island Public Radio: our recurring series  "One Square Mile." It’s designed to take you deep inside one  Rhode Island community and bring you insights about the people and places of the Ocean State. 

Ambar Espinoza / RIPR

Virtually all Rhode Islanders have at least a loose connection to the town of Johnston. Almost all of your junk -- trash, dried out Christmas trees, even used paint -- winds up at the Johnston Landfill.  Those items are all sorted and processed in different parts of the sprawling complex.