In Heat Wave, Dangers For The Homeless

Jul 4, 2018
John Bender

With daytime heat indexes soaring into the 90s, homeless residents are finding it hard to get respite from the baking heat. Their primary concerns include heat exhaution and access to air conditing.

Fireworks And Parades Abound Despite Independence Day Heat Wave

Jul 4, 2018
Susan Greenhalgh

Fireworks displays, parades and other Fourth of July celebrations are going forward in southern New England, in spite of a heat wave that's brought temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s, especially in inland areas.

Ian Donnis/File Photo / RIPR

Fallout from Democratic endorsements -- including one for a former Republican who supported President Donald Trump in 2016 -- continued swirling Tuesday, as some prominent Democrats voiced their support for incumbent Rep. Moira Walsh.

Avory Brookins / RIPR

A new statewide strategy to prepare Rhode Island for climate change was released Monday. 


Rhode Island wants some of the world’s biggest oil and gas companies to pay for the effects of climate change. 

2nd Story Theatre

Rhode Island Public Radio’s Bill Gale generally goes to see a play in its early days, but this time he’s reviewed the last performance of a show at 2nd Story Theater in Warren. The play was fine, he said, but the theater is no more.

Steve Ahlquist

Rhode Island progressives are expressing outrage about some of the candidates endorsed in legislative elections, including a man who supported President Donald Trump in 2016 and is now running a primary challenge to state Representative Moira Walsh (D-Providence).


Narragansett Bay is alive with sails, the spectacular sunsets burst into pink and plum streaks and fireworks flash and linger across the night sky.


State-mandated paid time off for workers in Rhode Island took effect Sunday. The law was a win for state progressives in the year after President Donald Trump’s election.

The law guarantees at least three full days of paid time off for workers at companies of 18 or more employees. It also calls for paid time off to increase to five full days in the coming years.

And it guarantees all Rhode Island workers at companies with fewer than 18 employees unpaid sick time.

National Weather Service

If you've stepped outside these past few days, you know just how hot it feels, and weather forecasters said the hot, sticky weather is going to linger all week. 

The National Weather Service has put a heat advisory in effect for today, mainly for northern and central parts of Rhode Island.

Kim Buttrick, National Weather Service meteorologist, said the steamy temperatures are due to a building ridge of high pressure over us.

Sajith T S / Flickr

The U.S. Senate passed its version of the 2018 Farm Bill on Friday, and local environmentalists say it’s better than the version that recently came out of the House of Representatives.

Audrey Kupchan

More than 400 people spilled out of the Bethel AME Church in New Bedford and onto the hot summer streets, to protest federal immigration policies. The gathering was one of many across the country.

Advocates and activists are decrying new policies that prosecute illegal border crossers, resulting in the separation of children from families. They also seek a resolution to the fight over DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era policy that protected young people brought into the country as children from deportation.

Governor Gina Raimondo on Friday signed legislation to create a new criminal penalty for drug dealers.

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Alison Kates / Narrow River Preservation Association

Shellfishing has been banned in the Narrow River for more than two decades because of high bacteria levels, but the Narrow River Preservation Association is hoping dogs can help.